• June 13, 2018

Enterprise world is quickly migrating towards automation for reducing the tedious and repetitive tasks. This can help organizations to provide more time for their employees to focus on valuable tasks and increase human interaction.

Organizations can adopt two type of Automation for their business processes by using two technologies.

  1. Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (Arms)
  2. Conversational AI (eyes and mouth)

By combining the power of human expertise and computer-generated insights organizations can build the perfect intelligent enterprise of tomorrow.

Consider an instance of ordering IT equipment by an organization. By creating a digital workforce of robotic applications, that can run your business processes in the background, quality can be enhanced and also assuring cost reduction at the same time.

Issues faced in manual processes:

These days most of the companies across the world use complex and manual order-management processes for IT equipment ordering. These processes raise several issues like

  • Longer Queue hotlines for keeping equipment orders.
  • Repetitive order placement.
  • Manual ticket updating system.
  • Communication overhead, too many telephone calls between and users and order desk.
  • Poor customer satisfaction.
  • Failure to budget, plan, and forecast orders.
  • Great chance for human errors like incorrect data entry, missing documents, and miscommunications, given the multiple touchpoints involved.

These manual processes make the sales-order processing cycle to look complicated for organizations.

How Intelligent RPA can Help?

Consider a scenario of employee’s broken laptop and he needs to keep order for a new one. Here is the process.

  • Employee by using his smartphone opens an IT support chatbot, powered by a conversational AI platform for placing new laptop order.

The employee asks the bot to keep a new order of the same laptop model, and the bot in turn replies him back by requesting a picture of the old laptop. Employee by using his smartphone, upload the image of the old laptop through chatbot interface. The Chatbot recognizes the laptop model, and asks for order confirmation from the employee. Employee acknowledges the order by clicking “Confirm” Button.

That’s it! In a simple sequence of steps, the conversational chatbot triggers an RPA bot in the background for automatically creating a purchase order in the cloud system, along with a specific order number. The employee is assured to get a new laptop with in the next few days.

The entire process demonstrates, how RPA acts like arms of the digital assistant, by simplifying order creation. On the other hand, conversational AI chatbot acts as ears and mouth of the digital assistant by keeping the interactions with employee natural and engaging, along with providing acknowledgements to the employee.

Some interesting points from the process:

  • Robust combination of digital interaction and automatic process execution.
  • Lowest manual intervention.
  • Enhanced customer service, powered by intelligent bots.

Similar to this process, there are numerous examples on how intelligent technologies can speed business processes, and there by helping organizations to become intelligent enterprises.

RPA bots can bring two major benefits for employees:

  • Streamlined experience for users, by responding to user needs proactively.
  • Employees can spend their time more effectively, as bots reduced the tedious and time-consuming manual activities. This can help employees to achieve new heights in operational speed and efficiency.

On the other hand, conversational AI technology, can help enterprises for effective training, building, connecting, and monitoring intelligent chatbots. These chatbots are also equipped to connect seamlessly to external communication channels like Messenger or Slack, as well as back-end systems.

Training analytics can help in understanding, user’s interaction with chatbots, the data collected can be used for improvising the user experience.

CORBLOCKS helps industries to transform their manual processes into automation, which can reduce the human efforts and increases efficiency.

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