Blockchain Technology in Education

Deploying Blockchain in the education sector can help in transforming record keeping of degrees & certificates.On the other hand smart contracts, paperless transactions can ensure significant resource savings in the long-run.

New ways to apply blockchain technology in the higher education sector are emerging all the time.

According to experts the most promising use case for blockchain in higher education is to transform the “record-keeping” of degrees, certificates, and diplomas.


Advantages of deploying blockchain in the Education Industry.

Elimination of Bias

Data stored in the blockchain is impossible to modify or delete, as it creates an immutable record. This ensures that examination or assessment results can’t be tampered in any manner, ensuring an unbiased exam system.

Reduced Expenses

Smart Contracts in blockchain promises lesser intermediaries and zero paperwork, thereby helping to cut expenses to a greater extent.

Elimination of Intermediaries

Blockchain has the capability to reduce the number of mediators or intermediaries in the process. Thus, only a few authorized parties can access sensitive data like examination results, thereby ensuring confidentiality and security in the system.

Blockchain has the capability in education 

Improvised Record Keeping

Blockchain has the capability to transform the “record-keeping” of degrees, certificates, and diplomas, making credentials digital and under the learner’s control, without the need for an intermediary to verify them. Accreditation of educational institutions, which is still a complex process in many countries can also be made simpler by blockchain.

Talent Management

Educational institutions spending a bomb on training for students, however, record management of their achievements is a tough task for institutions, as they have been to maintain for a lifetime. Unlike current talent management solutions, that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, Blockchain provided an open and secure system for talent management. This blockchain-enabled talent management solution is accessible to students even after their graduation.

Affordable Education

Blockchain records are highly secure as they are decentralized. The inherent flexibility in its architecture allows the support and storage of records, documents, and digital assets without any additional costs of infrastructure and security.