Edbrix provides an integrated eLearning platform for blended education using robust scholastic tools to facilitate storage, management and sharing of knowledge for comprehensive learning through innovative delivery of instruction and assessment.

Build Powerful Forms Effortlessly

Campus activities involving collaboration and interaction between administrators, teachers, students and parents requires a form for capturing data. Capturing data can be a daunting task if not done in the right way.


Create Video Content Easily

Teachers prefer to personalize digital content and make it more meaningful for students, aligned with their progress and areas for improvement. Great teachers know their students the best, and with Contentbrix, they can modify content with their own explanations and voiceovers.


Create Your Digital Knowledge Library Easily

Digital resources make learning easy to personalize and adapt to student’s needs. Knowledgebrix enables teachers to explore content from all resources and collate and organize them in an easy to use digital content library.


Create & Manage Successful Events

Most school events require significant planning to manage logistics. Eventbrix empowers users to customize every school event, to the very last detail – including schedules, speakers and their bios, promotion, invitations, sharing pre/post event images and presentations, managing alerts and notifications and publishing the outcome of the event.


Launch Your Site in Minutes

Websites provide an avenue for schools and school districts to distinguish their online presence. Administrators are faced with the challenge of ensuring that their school or district’s information is easily available and current, so that their audiences can actively participate in their student’s success. Webbrix is a user-friendly platform that allows campuses to keep their community up to date on school activities, important events, achievements and accolades.


Prescription-Based Learning

A superior professional development program for educators requires SMART evaluation (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely), coupled with an efficient learning approach that is easy to implement.Evalbrix enables administrators to develop SMART evaluation methodology, prescribe online professional development programs based on the evaluation and monitor the progress and completion of the prescribed training.


A Connected Ecosystem for Successful Communication

A personalized app is a great way for schools and school districts to impart timely and relevant information to parents. Appbrix provides an easy to use platform for schools to have a connected ecosystem, where parents are connected with teachers, students and administration.