Managed Services

“As a Business, you should focus on winning more deals, tracking opportunities, and managing sales, and leave your day to day support activities such as reporting, upgrades, modifications, and user management to our experts who can give 100% attention. Corblocks Salesforce Practice comprises of certified experts who can help you run your backend support activities effortlessly with proven business practices.”


Our Experts can deliver…

Configure your Salesforce Dashboard to display required reports and metrics.

  • Reduced Firefighting in supporting tickets.
  • Sales process – Hands-on experience managing a sales function, not just system support.
  • Contact mapping-Complicated customers are the norm when you have seen it all. Adjustments often required as users gain experience.
  • Reporting and Dashboard development-Ongoing reports are table stakes. Just in time and specific business dashboards are perpetually in demand.
  • Tricks and shortcuts- Ensure adoption when you can deploy batHands-oned shortcuts.
  • Ongoing administration-Keep security and access well managed to prevent exposure and loss.
  • Clients of all sizes have realized that they can have it all but don’t have to do it all.