Managed Services

“Does your current managed service provider focus on only one or two IT components?”
Fabit offers an “end-to-end” IT solution. Service Level Agreements outlining performance criteria are meaningless when multiple vendors are involved.”


Corblocks offers “IT as a Service” addressing all of your IT needs. You might be a good fit for “IT as a Service” if you are experiencing some of these characteristics listed below:

  • Growth of your data is increasing, and your IT infrastructure cannot keep up.
  • Legacy systems exist and are quickly becoming obsolete and harder to support.
  • The number of sites, devices, systems and users is increasing.
  • As everything is growing so is your ability to manage risk, security, and compliance.
  • Finance wants to move from a capital to an operating expense model.
  • Existing IT infrastructure is fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor.
  • Maintenance is burdensome and licensing, and support contracts are becoming problems.

If you accept that data is critical to your business and that the management of that data is equally important, then you want to establish a relationship with a provider like Corblocks that will be a managed IT services “partner” with you and not a faceless vendor who just sells a commodity solution.